Monday, 2 July 2007

Sir Liam vindicated

The revealation, in the papers today (Doctors of Death-The Sun), that one of the people linked to the terrorist attack on the departure lounge at Glasgow Airport is a doctor entirely vindicates Sir Liam's belief that doctors need much closer and more onerous monitoring. Had recertification been in place for all UK doctors, it seems very unlikely that this terrorist would have taken the trouble to complete all the paperwork required and would have carried out his terrorist act somewhere else.
I would go further than Sir Liam over this. Our medical schools have now trained one mass murderer (Shipman) and one failed mass murderer. It doesn't need a brain surgeon to reach the obvious conclusion here. The more doctors we have, the more potential mass murderers. Therefore introduce systems to ensure that the lazy, greedy, murdering barstewards f**k off to Australia and we will have less mass murderers to deal with. Replace these murdering scum with nice cuddly nurses and mass murder will be a thing of the past.
Furthermore, I firmly believe that the standards of proof in legal cases involving doctors should be lowered on the assumption that they are all terrorists or capable of terrorist actions or, indeed, capable of terrorist thoughts (be afraid Dr Rant, be very afraid). This would allow the authorities to detain them without trial rather than just vilify them without trial as at present. In cases where any proof might be difficult to obtain it would allow for summary execution or, at least, a jolly good shooting.

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