Thursday, 27 September 2007

Cyberwarfare: The Clash of the Computer Nerds

Dr Ray at Work

A lot of fun to be had on the net today if you are that way inclined.
It started with the much anticipated Webchat by His Eminence the Lord Darzi of Park Royal.
I had been posting questions for a couple of days and encouraging others to do the same. I had a vague hope that if all the lurkers on DoctorsNet.UK all posted questions it would overwhelm the Downing Street website and crash it but, either not enough doctors did or no taxpayers expense was spared to protect the site from a denial of service cyberattack. A more tangible aim was to create a record of questions which could be disclosed under a FOI request should he choose to ignore the real issues.
As it happened he did address the issues to a degree. Jill Robson asked why he was interfering with General Practice when the Government's own surveys showed widespread satisfaction with the service. Catherine Heaton asked why payments were made to participants in the Citizens Juries (revealed on this blog last week) in return for their opinion. His Mostness had no answer for this and simply said that the idea that participants could be influenced by being offered money was absurd. I personally can't see what is absurd in this. If it wasn't true why are drug companies not allowed to offer doctors money?
There were a few less critical questions but none obviously planted to make him look good. At the end he gave a couple of links including to a Mum's website where the consultation would continue.
I had a look at the site and it seemed kosher with no obvious link to Nulabour so I registered and added my comments. I noticed that Garth of the Ferret Fancier Blog had done the same and later at least one other doctor. The comments on the site were already not that complimentary of NuLabour or Lord Haw-Haw of Harlesden but, after a few well aimed observations from the doctors, I think NuLabour must have regretted allowing free comment on this forum. I don't know if they expected a smooth ride from the grateful mums to whom they had offered 120 quids worth of vegetables but they didn't get it.
A mistake from His Darziship I think.

If you want to give your opinion of the NHS you could do worse than visit or www.nhsreview.


. said...

Who is this Ara Darzi anyway?! :)
Some of us who are banned out of the profession haven't even heard of him. Bit of a girl's name anyway don't you think Dr Ray.

I would say that he has a few blond ideas or maybe he just has blonde days.


Dr Ray said...
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Dr Ray said...

You may not have heard of him and you certainly haven't voted for him but what he says will be used by Nulabour as evidence of our profession's support for a wholesale destruction of our system of primary, secondary and tertiary care.
His qualification for such onerous duties? He learned to do laparoscopic cholecystectomies in the USA and returned to the UK when there was no one else doing them here and set himself up as an expert. A year later and he would have been an undistinguished DGH consultant of the type he will be putting out of work.