Friday, 28 September 2007

Hospital Scandal: "MP did not consent to digital insertion"

Nulabour MP, James Purnell, has accused Tameside General Hospital of subjecting him to a digital insertion without his consent.
The NHS Trust has admitted that a digital insertion took place but claims that Mr Purnell asked for it. Mr Purnell, 37, is Gordon Brown's new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, a post previously held by Chris Smith, the first openly gay MP.
The alleged incident took place on the new hospital building site after Mr Purnell arrived late for a photoshot and found himself alone. His parliamentary colleagues had already been photographed and left but Mr Purnell agreed to the one-on-one session with the Trust's photographer. He has subsequently claimed that he did not, however, consent to the digital insertion and the Trust has been forced to issue an apology.
Opposition supporters have greeted the story with unrestrained glee. "Here is cast-iron proof that Labour ministers are quite happy to 'fake it' if they think they can get away with it," said Mr Hunt (shadow culture minister).
For the full story go to the BBC website.


Dr Grumble said...

Iain Dale has some interesting quotes on this topic.

. said...

Nice one Dr X. Ray.

Great blog by the way. One of the best. Please tell me you are a dish as well :)

So where is Crippen these days? Any ideas.

(yes, no one talks about it but everyone reads it :))

PhD scientist said...

Digital insertion - class stuff.

This story is getting plenty of coverage locally as Tameside is not so very far away from PhD Towers.

Tameside Hospital NHS Trust has three stars - to general amazement as around this part of the world the hospital is a notorious hellhole. There aren't many "trade" folks who would want to be referred there, put it that way.