Saturday, 6 October 2007

Dr Ray gets all heated up.

The, unfortunately named, "Becton Bunny Boiler"

Dr Ray has been drawing admiring glances from Dr Rita Pal, the author of NHSexposedblog. This has all been very welcome and part of me is pleased that someone has finally recognised my stunning good looks, cutting wit and lofty intellect. The image she has of me is a sort of cross between Oscar Wilde and Pierce Brosnan.
I have two problems with this.
Firstly I am a bit concerned about what she might do if our relationship were to turn sour and I prove to be a disappointment to her. Looking through her website, NHSexposed, Dr Pal is not the sort of lady I would like to cross. I don't know the full details of her problems with the GMC but from reading NHSexposed it seems she has taken on the might of the Medical and Legal establishment virtually single-handedly and won.
The second problem, faced by many men of my age, is a pressure to perform adequately. While I am generally happy to tootle along being mediocre with the occasional earthmoving performance, the expectation that I can satisfy Rita on a regular basis is a bit daunting. The Dr Rant team tackle the problem by organising themselves into a sort of shift system so that the pressure is off each individual member. Meanwhile, Dr Crippen, has indeed been the envy of every medical blogger by rising to the challenge on daily basis with enough output left over to fill a couple of pages of a newspaper, but even he has recently had to rest. We hope to see him back with his towering organ in the near future.
If I don't succeed in lowering Rita's expectations gently at least our pet rabbit already died of myxomatosis this summer and our dog is too big to get into a pot


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Anonymous said...

According to a blog posting further down the page on the URL posted by RP it seems Dr Rita Pal did actually lose her post as a result of a GMC complaint.

Maybe, now the GMC complaint has been thrown out, she is able to work again?

It's not right that someone of her calibre, reputation and dedication to whistleblowing on behalf of older patients should be kept away from work.

Anonymous said...

The indomitable Dr Pal has now turned her brave attention towards a fellow psychiatrist who appears to be practising extra-terrestrial skills.

Scientologists please take note.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see that you were willing to help the irrepressible Dr Pal in her efforts to hold the GMC's Sarah Bedwell accountable.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope she doesn't take a dislike to your cardigan Dr R.! Only joking.

Anonymous said...

What's going on?

He has been Tangoed

Its official, I have driven Dr Ray to another man. I knew it would happen one day. Since midnight the playboy millionaire with an eye for film has been dancing the Tango with none other than the Lowly Worm. In the meantime, the Lowly Worm oblivious to the goings on in the blogsphere has resorted to writing about Clinical Incidents. Of course, the Ray has a number of clinical incidents to report including being trapped in a compromising position in his CT scanner with his lowly worm. Dr Ray told reporters that it was the new dual human scanner designed to scan two people at once thereby saving the NHS funds. The NHS Trust managers stated that this was to be implemented with immediate effect but with one caveat - all managers must be scanned with a set of 36DD. Global Diagnostics who are up for anything offered to take it.

The Lowly Worm was unavailable for interview today. Working in the NHS for a mere 3 months has driven the Worm to wearing women's clothing in order to disguise himself from NHS Parking Wardens and Trust Managers. Dr Ray is said to be more than impressed following the clandestine meeting with the Lowly Worm at the local NHS Carpark. Apparently, they both shared parking fines over a candlelit dinner. Dr Ray was caught providing the newbee F1 doctor with free reports on his xrays. The postgraduate tutor was informed immediately. Dr Ray was told that he was seriously abusing his position by teaching F1 doctors basic radiology and that it was part of the course for F1's not to be able to read x-rated films of human anatomy. By the end of the third month, it was clear that The Lowly Worm with Dr Ray's assistance could tell the difference between a skull and foot xray. The Lowly Worm's consultant though had been taught to tell the difference between an abdominal and chest xray. That had taken Dr Ray almost 20 years to teach.

Anonymous said...

We have read that Dr Pal has pneumonia, so we hope that despite abandoning her for the Lowly Worm you find time to send her some chocolates.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely scandalous that this other blog is attacking the "suffragette" Dr Pal all the time.

I'm sure Dr Pal must be responding somewhere but I can't find it at the moment.

Anonymous said...

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