Saturday, 6 October 2007

More NuLabour deceit

Guido Fawkes thinks Yvette was faking it.

A few days after the infamous "Citizens Jury", where selected "participants" were paid £75 cash in plain envelopes, Yvette Cooper, Minister for Housing and wife of Ed Balls held a webchat on the Downing Street website. I came across this on the thoroughly recommended Guido Fawkes blog.

Transcript of Webchat:
"Karen Doran: What is the government doing to make sure their policy on housing (regeneration and growth) is aligned to policies designed to promote economic growth. Could the Minister give practical examples of the opportunities this presents to local authorities in their place shaping role?
Yvette replies: You are right Karen that new homes need to be planned alongside new jobs -- as we are doing in the Thames Gateway, which is a major area of regeneration and housing growth. But housing and economic policies need to work closely together for existing communities too. Look at what cities like Manchester and Birmingham have done in their city centres -- creating new jobs, but bringing people back into the cities to live as well.

Guido writes:
If that patsy question reads like a planted question, it is because it is almost certainly exactly that. Now why she needed to ask the question in a "public engagement" exercise is beyond Guido. Karen Doran works on the Community Housing Task Force (formerly part of the office of the Deputy Prime Minister) where she advises on "Communications and Consultation Strategy". So it seems unnecessary for her to pose as a member of the public to ask the housing minister a question."

I do wish these revelations got better coverage in the mainstream media because the bloggers already know how deceitful NuLabour are. It needs wider coverage to stop them getting away with this.

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