Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Another medical blogger

I have noticed more medical blogs recently and some, like Dr Rant and Dr Crippen, are now regularly featured in the print media. Might have something to do with the increased militancy of junior doctors in the UK (or maybe they just have more free time).
I don't know if there is another radiologist blog but as a group we sit next to a computer all day and are pretty verbose so blogging would seem to be an ideal time-waster for work, alongside contributing to medical forums (or is it fora) on and the specific illness websites such as the usually excellent kneegeeks.
The Dr Rant and Crippen type blogs serve a purpose and counter some of the Nulabour spin against doctors while protecting the bloggers from the attentions of the DOH Stasi. I have seen the same vindictive political interference with the medical profession as these other commentators but I am responding differently and hoping to show that we don't need to learn how to run an x-ray department from the independent sector. This blog is going to follow the progress of uk-radiology as I try to attract private income to support a vulnerable DGH radiology department.

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