Thursday, 10 May 2007

Tasteless Rant

Tried to get onto the Dr Rant website from work today but access was blocked by "websense" a web filter which our hospital has installed to prevent staff accessing porn and online casinos. You may be interested in the reason it gave: "Tasteless"
I thought it was a rather odd phrase.
I shall try accessing some other blogs over the next few days to see if the web filter's critical appraisals include "shite", "waste of bandwidth", "subversive" and "too Tory"

I have to say that the computer has a point. The Dr Rant blog is well informed, well presented and funny but when I pointed out that the use of foul language did his cause no good at all I was subjected to a torrent of abuse more typical of a group of drunken chavs at throwing out time rather than a group of GPs.


Dr Rant said...

We were only playing with you....

We have a reputation for savage abuse to uphold, and you find yourself in exalted company having been on the receiving end!

Apologies of course. Keep up the good work.


Dr Ray said...

Understood and no offence taken. I am honoured indeed to have you post the first comment on my humble blog.

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