Saturday, 12 May 2007

New kid on the block

Noticed a new outfit offering private MRI scans in Waterloo station. Call themselves Vistadiagnostics and they have an interesting pricing structure varying the charge depending on how busy they are. They work 7 days a week and their charges start at £250 + 50% per additional area which will be a shock for the other providers in London used to much higher charges. The reason I was interested is that they have obviously copied much of what I am doing with uk-radiology and even used my tag line "Affordable Accurate Accessible" with minor variation. I am flattered as this was my first attempt at a commercial website. It will be interesting to see if they can turn a profit with London expenses. I would be worried if I ran a scanner in London but we are sufficiently far away and our prices at £200 + 50% per additional area are still lower. It might damage the Cobalt Appeal in Cheltenham though as there is nothing in it on price and no-one from London will bother traveling up. It would be interesting to know who is behind them-I don't think it is a radiologist because there are a couple of silly errors on their website which they will have to find themselves.

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private scans said...

Interesting you mention this. I think I was around in London still by then. But I have never seen them. It's an interesting idea and I've looked. They are still going. I think it's quite inexpensive now to get private health scans, and it is definitely and more quicker than the NHS waiting lists. I can't see, but I doubt they are using the same model.